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Tips for choosing the right boards

Gassien offers:

- 8 boards sizes : 3 widths (40, 60 et 80cm ) et 3 depths (15, 20 et 30cm). Only 40cm width doesn't exist in 30cm depth.

- 3 wall bases sizes: Small (40x77cm), Medium (77*60cm) and Big (77*80cm)

Small wall base
1 possible boards width
Medium wall base
2 possible boards width
Big wall base
3 possible boards width

Our tips:

- Do not hesitate to take inspiration from our turnkey configurations and customize them by changing the depths for example.

- You can also connect different turnkey sets together thanks to our unique juxtaposition system.

Our recommendations:

Do not install a board directly above another one where the support brackets are hung.


2 possibilities:

1/ install the upper board between the support brackets of the bottom board (see boards A and B)

2/ if the upper board has the same length or is longer than the bottom board, leave a free row between the 2 boards (see boards C and D)

Taking into account the above recommendation:

- On a big wall base: maximum of 3 boards of the same width (80cm or 60cm)

- On a medium wall base: maximum of 3 boards of the same width (60cm or 40cm))

It is possible to install two 40cm boards side by side on the big wall base.